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The Cogir on Napa Road Community Turns Out For a Birthday Bash! - Date 02/18/2022

Cogir on Napa Road residents and friends had a blast celebrating Ed Wohlers' 100th Birthday on February 17, 2022! The theme was Casino, Cars & Bourbon. Redwood Empire Model T Club was generous enough to provide Ed a ride around town in his favorite car.

We'd like to thank The Sonoma Index-Tribune for their special tribute as well. Check out their write-up here:

When a Recipe is Also a Love Letter - Date 12/22/2021

“Leaving behind a recipe is like sending a love letter to future generations.”
-Chef & Author, Kathy Gunst

Do you have a favorite family recipe? The one dish that sends you back in time to your grandmother’s kitchen? Is there a dessert that transports you to a noisy holiday dinner table from your past?

Food connects us. Whether we cook together, eat together, or even tackle the oft-dreaded clean up together… Food gathers us and binds us through our senses and a shared experience. 

We asked our residents to share with us some of their favorite recipes, and any related recollections. These recipes evoke wonderful memories for them and their loved-ones.

Try one out! We hope you’ll see why these recipes (and the love around them) have endured.

Residents Ralph, Jane and Judy share their recipes and memories with us here.
Jane is Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish. For their holiday dinner, her mother would make Christmas Cake. All her family members would bring the different ingredients so they could make it together. They would roast a turkey with sweet potatoes. Jane has kept the tradition going with her family.
Judy is Italian and her tradition is to gather at her mother’s house to make Panettone from scratch. All her aunts and uncles bring an ingredient so they can make together. The cousins bring French bread and her mother makes the raviolis.

Ralph is German and Swedish. His family would make red sauce and ravioli from scratch. They would all gather at his mother’s house to have dinner.

Your First Visit to Cogir on Napa Road - Date 10/06/2021

There are places where you know exactly what to expect when you get there. The car dealership? You know what’s coming, brace yourself and be strong! The DMV? Yup. Bring a good book, it’s going to be a while.

Maybe you think you know what to expect on a tour of a Cogir Senior Living Community. And maybe you’re mostly right. But we are hoping to surprise you a little too.


A warm greeting from our Concierge: Cogir’s front-desk personnel are more than just receptionists. The spirit of Cogir is warm, open and ready-to-serve… and that’s the welcome you can expect upon entering our community. The front-desk is the problem-solving, information-giving, need-fulfilling heart of our property. On your tour you can expect to start at the heart.

A real conversation: Expect your tour to be personal and personalized. We are eager to understand the specific needs of your family. Choosing a care residence is one of the most important choices you will make for yourself or your loved one. We all want the best fit possible. An open, direct and warm conversation about needs, concerns and expectations is key to finding that perfect fit.

A clear dedication to the health and safety of our residents: When you arrive you will be asked to check in at our kiosk. In compliance with the CDC guidelines, visitors must meet one of two criteria: proof of vaccination against COVID or proof of a negative COVID test within 72 hours. We earnestly hope all our visitors will understand the necessity of this measure. We are happy to help our potential visitors and future residents learn more about this commitment to safety; please let us know if you would like to have a conversation ahead of your tour by calling (707) 939-1500.

An introduction to some staff and residents: In the course of a tour you will have the chance to interact with some members of our staff as they are available. Where possible, you might be learning about our amenities and services directly from our onsite chef, our housekeeping staff, and our activities coordinator. You will also be able to converse with some of our residents. Consider it our own in-house Yelp review. 

Transparency about costs and fees: A relationship of trust and transparency between your family and Cogir Senior Living starts with this conversation. Our costs are laid out clearly for you so that you can make the best choices for yourself or your loved one. 

A follow-up call: After you have had time to process the information from your tour we want to be available to help answer any additional questions you may have. We would love to invite you and your loved one to an upcoming event or lunch. There’s always something fun around the corner on Cogir’s calendar. Each Cogir Senior Living campus is its own thriving community of friends and neighbors. Come be a part of the fun for a day! 

Finding the right care community for yourself or your loved one is a mix of the practical and emotional. We hope you’ll see right away that we can handle both of those very necessary and human responses. Give us a call, we’re ready and waiting to get to know you better. 

Cogir Senior Living Grows Again! - Date 09/15/2021

Cogir on Napa Road is a 95-door assisted living and memory care community fully dedicated to helping active assisted living seniors and residents with early dementia diagnosis live the Cogir Difference. The community is comprised of 75 assisted living apartment homes with another 24 apartments in a unique open campus memory care. Cogir on Napa Road joins the Cogir family on September 15, 2021. The previous four acquisitions that joined Cogir in July of this year are Cogir of San Rafael in northern California, and Cogir of Bothell, Cogir of Edmonds and Cogir of Northgate Memory Care, all located in Washington State.

David Eskenazy, Cogir Management Chairman of the Board states, "Every single member of our American management team excelled to make this transition a success. Many months of negotiation and preparation were needed to professionally carry out this operation. We are extremely proud and grateful for the dedication and cooperation displayed by every member of the team."

The addition of these five new senior living communities allow the U.S. division to grow, but it will also help to diversify the range of services offered. These properties provide focus on assisted living and memory care environments to seniors experiencing a need for more assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) or loss of cognitive impairment, whereas the existing 12 properties are largely dedicated to independent and assisted living residents.

Wally Jossart, President of Cogir Management USA says,"This is an exciting time for Cogir Senior Living. The honor and opportunity to serve more seniors while providing rewarding work experience for employees, is something that I take very seriously. I am beyond thrilled to continue the Cogir journey of expanding our US operations and building a Team of exceptional leaders who will grow the company with compassion and integrity."

Mathieu Duguay, Cogir Real Estate’s president and chief executive officer states, “I am quite proud of the work done by the entire U.S. team. Having experienced an unprecedented global crisis, they have worked hard not only to maintain safe and pleasant living environments for our residents, but also to ensure that this transition was carried out in a highly professional manner with little impact on our seniors, their relatives and our new colleagues."

Cogir Management USA’s efforts to acquire new properties over the coming months are ongoing.